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Gift Baskets

Want something special made up in a gift basket? Call us 732-842-6020 and we'll be glad to try and make it happen.

  • Coin Collector's Gift Basket

    Coin Collectors Gift Basket

    Here's a fun gift basket to get someone started into the hobby of coin collecting! Comes with everything you need to organize and keep safe hundreds of your American coins! Gift Basket Includes: 1 National Park Series coin collecting map book 1 Quarter...

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  • Magic The Gathering Gift Basket

    Magic The Gathering Gift basket

    Magic The Gathering Gift Basket   Now at Hobbymasters! Includes 1 - 400 count storage box 1 - 60 card deck 2 - 30 card decks 2 - MTG Standard packs 3 - Mystery Packs 1 Rules reference guide MTG is a trading card game that can be played...

    MSRP: $39.99
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  • Rocket Launching Gift Basket

    Model Rocket Launching Gift Basket

    This is a gift basket like no other! Everything your recipient needs to build and launch a model rocket over a thousand feet up, recover it by parachute, and launch again and again! Ages 14 and up. Gift Basket Includes: 1 Model Rocket Starter Set...

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  • Pokemon Gift Basket

    Pokemon Gift Basket

    What kid wants a Fruit Basket? Get them what they really want with a Pokemon Gift Basket! Gift Basket Includes: 1 Pokemon Themed Deck  5 Pokemon Booster Packs 1 Card Holding Box for up to 400 cards 110 cards in all!   cs...

    MSRP: $42.00
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  • Young Inventor's Gift Basket

    Young Inventors Gift Basket

    This gift basket is designed for the kid (or adult) who is always tinkering and trying to design new things! The assorted gears, pulleys, motor, and other accessories give a great foundation to make anything his/her heart desires. Power a car, make a...

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