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Razor Crazy Cart

Need help to repair your Crazy Cart? We will gladly take it in and work on it. If not in the area and you need help please email us or call 732-842-6020

  • Razor E2 Series Inner Tube Only (Front/Rear)

    Razor E2 Series Inner Tube Only (Front/Rear)

    Replacement 200x50 scooter inner tube with angled valve for the electric Razor e100, e200, ePunk & Dune Buggy. Size 200x50 means that the tube is 200mm x 50mm, and in inches is 8" x 2". 200 x 50 Innertube. Fits: - Razor e100 & e125 Electric...

    MSRP: $12.99
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  • Razor E200/E300 Headset Bearings

    Razor E200/E300 Headset Bearings

    Bearings could need to be replaced for various reasons, including general wear and tear on your scooter, decreased steering motion, or even losing the ball bearings. This assembly is installed directly on the steering shaft and enables the rider to steer...

    MSRP: $9.99
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  • Crazy Cart 76mm Wheels - Red

    Razor Red Crazy Cart 76mm Wheels

    Authentic Wheels replacement part directly sourced from the manufacturer. The red and white, 76mm, skateboard wheels are constructed of metal bearings and durable urethane. The two-wheeled boards offer the user an increased ability to carve dramatic...

    MSRP: $15.99
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  • Razor Crazy Cart DLX Steering Bolt w/Wedge

    Steering Bolt with Wedge by Razor

    Razor Steering Bolt with Wedge This part is compatible with these vehicles Razor Crazy Cart Version 1+ Razor Crazy Cart DLX Version 1+ Serial number is required to insure you get the correct part. Without it we can not guarantee and these...

    MSRP: $4.99
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