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Power Wheels Repairs and Recalls

 Hobbymasters is the largest authorized repair center for Power Wheels ride-on vehicles. Please call Hobbymasters before bringing your Power Wheels vehicle in for repair or warranty work. It is helpful if you have the model number available. The model number is located on a sticker in the battery compartment. 

Click to find your local Authorized Powerwheels Service Center.
(Customers in the UK can contact Mattel UK at 44 1628 500-000)

1998 Power Wheels Recall Information

Summary: Any Power Wheels vehicle manufactured from Oct 1998 and earlier which uses one or two Red 6 volt batteries is under a Federal Recall. The connectors can not handle the load and have overheated causing at least 150 fires. Vehicles using Blue or Green 6 volt batteries are not under recall. There is NO CHARGE to bring your vehicle and charger to your local Power Wheels Service Center and have the connectors updated to the newer style. Batteries with these connectors are now so old that they won't hold a charge anymore. New batteries already have the new connectors on them. Hobbymasters can not send you connectors for you to do the work yourself. You must bring it to your local Power Wheels service center.

Long Version:
CPSC, Fisher-Price Announce Recall to Repair Power Wheels Battery-Powered Vehicles

Washington, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Fisher-Price of East Aurora, N.Y., is conducting a voluntary recall involving up to 10 million battery-powered Power Wheelsî ride-on cars and trucks. The vehicles' electrical components can overheat and cause fires. Children can suffer injuries from fires and house fires can occur. Additionally, wiring problems can prevent the vehicles from stopping.

CPSC and Fisher-Price have received approximately 700 reports of electrical components failing and overheating while the cars and trucks were being ridden, charged, parked or stored. About 150 fires have been reported. Nine children suffered minor burns to the hands, legs or feet, and up to $300,000 in property damage to 22 houses and garages have been reported.

There have also been 71 reports of vehicles not stopping. Six children suffered bruises, scratches or bumps when their vehicle hit a car, truck, pole, window or fence.

Power Wheels Service Centers will repair the vehicles. These service centers will install the new parts free of charge and give all recalled vehicles a free safety check-up and tune-up.

The recalled Power Wheels cars and trucks have been sold under nearly 100 model names. The Power Wheels logo and the model name are on each vehicle. All models with two batteries are recalled, and certain models with one battery are recalled. The company will help consumers identify if their model is part of the recall. Power Wheels cars and trucks are intended for children 2 to 7 years old, and the vehicles' speed ranges from 1 to 5 mph, depending on the model.

Toy and mass merchandise stores nationwide sold the cars and trucks since 1984 for about $70 to $300.

Consumers should remove the vehicles' batteries right away and not let children use these Power Wheels vehicles until the repair has been made at the service center. To schedule the repair, consumers should call Power Wheels at (800) 977-7800 anytime or access the company's web site at Again, the company will help consumers identify if their vehicles are part of the recall.

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