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Paints, Brushes, Masks, Weathering and Pinstripes

Hundreds of color choices at Hobbymasters in both acrylic and enamel. Bring in your sample and Hobbymasters will help match the color.
Have a question about weathering, painting? No problem! Email us or call 732-842-6020
  • Pine-Pro Wood Filler

    Pine-Pro Wood Filler

    Wood Filler is lightweight. It will fill in nicks, grooves and imperfections in wood.It's easy to sand, carve and paint.Instructions provided.  Volume: 1/4 ozREQUIRES: Stir Stick,Putty Knife,Shaping Tool or Spoon,Sanding Equipment...

    MSRP: $3.60
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  • Testors Mixing Pipettes

    Testors Mixing Pipettes

    Comes with 6 pipettes that are perfect for color mixing.Great for transferring a variety of paint from one container to another. For example you can take paint from a testors 1/4 ounce bottle (and a variety of other paint containers) put it into a needle...

    MSRP: $5.99
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