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Other Odd Projects We've Done:

Other Special Services

It seems that when people can't find anyplace else to get something repaired or a project made they wind up at our store. Those are some of our favorite challenges! Here's some of the projects we've been asked to do in the past:

Radio Controlled Godzilla:
We had to use all of the weapons in our army to take on this Godzilla. He came to us with his sound system broken and unable to walk as he was supposed to. Before we could even diagnose why he was broken we had to strip his vinyl airbrushed skin. He had a combination of both mechanical and electronic problems that took the skills of all of our experts to repair. Then our expert models reassembled his skin and made a seemless repair.
godzilla1.jpg godzilla2.jpg

Checkout this video of Godzilla completed:

RC BMW with 36 LED's and Flip-Down License Plate
Ok, this is just over-the-top! This customer challenged us to make an exact rc replica of his real custom BMW. Some of the features include his own custom hood and trunk ornaments, pinstriping, door handle lights, underglow lights, working headlights, foglights, back-up lights, brake lights, and blinkers. Even the license plate matches. And to top it off, the license plate folds down via a switch on the remote to reveal some blinding halogens just for tailgaters! You can see the pics here, but you need to watch the videos to really appreciate this ride!

Select any picture to enlarge:
bmwfrontthumb.jpg bmwback2thumb.jpg bmwbackthumb.jpg

Aluminum Classic RC T-Maxx:
This customer used to own a T-Maxx in the 1990's but never got to finish building it to his dreams. In 2013 he asked us if we could find all the parts it would take to build this old car in the way he had invisioned. After months of research and building we created this beautiful work of art. This is not a truck with upgrades... it was created from parts. And it runs with a 2 speed transmission with reverse!

Click to Enlarge images of the building and other angles of this beauty:
maxpartsthumb.jpg  maxbuildthumb.jpg  maxtopthumb.jpg maxbottomthumb.jpg maxfrontthumb.jpg

Pinewood Derby 18 Wheeler:
No, we won't build your child a winning car for the Scouts. That's not very sporting. But we do build them for corporate events or just because you want one.

This 18 wheeler was built for a corporate team building event. The rule was 18 wheels, articulated, and a 4 pound maximum. The company logos were custom made by Hobbymasters for the client.
18-wheeler-004.jpg 18-wheeler-003.jpg 18-wheeler-002.jpg  

Pinewood Derby US Ink Truck 

This truck was custom designed & built for a client who requested a pinewood derby car that would represent his paint manufacturing company.
We designed this pickup truck, which features a barrel of paint and used the four printing colors- black, cyan, magenta and yellow for the paint scheme.
usink-001s.jpg usink-006s.jpgusink-005s.jpg