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Model Landscaping

Our experts offer support on any model train that we sell whether on the Internet or in Store!
Full repairs, restorations, and custom painting a train.
Hobby Masters will BUILD a model train layout for you, and also make house calls fix your train layout.
For all questions please Contact us.

  • Woodland Scenics Water Diorama Kit

    Woodland Scenics Water Diorama Kit

    INCLUDES: Side Panels, Water Undercoat, Shrubs, Realistic Water, Foliage Fiber, Water Effects, Forest Green Accents.Earth Undercoat, Evergreen Accents, Spray Bottle, Foliage Fiber, Project Glue, Release Paper, Sifter, Plaster Cloth, Foam, Brush, Talus...

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  • Woodland Scenics Water Effects Bottle 8 oz

    Woodland Scenics Water Effects Bottle 8 oz

    Moldable and will hold its shape to create pond ripples, waterfalls, rapid or churning water. Dries clear in about 24 hours. Easy to use; direct from the bottle! Non-toxic. Water soluable. Flexible. No messy clean up...

    MSRP: $17.99
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