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How To Inquire About A Ship Repair

In order to give the best assessment we can, we have seven questions that need to be addressed in regards to your ship. These questions are necessary in order to both give an accurate repair estimate and for us to better provide service.

Please provide the following information in your e-mail, and attach pictures as either a .jpeg or .png and send it to  and include your contact information (name, E-mail and phone number we can reach you at) so we can get back to you.


Name of ship (if applicable):

  • *Length of the ship (bow to back):
  • *Width of the ship (side to side):
  • *Height of ship (bottom to the top of tallest mast):
  • Age of ship:
  • Type of boat material (wood, plastic, resin, etc.):
  • **Pictures required:
    • Side Profile
    • Picture of the back side
    • Picture of the front of the ship
    • Back angle side down
    • Any specific detail that you wish to point out


*all measurements to be in inches

**The closer you can get for the picture the better


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