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Dethrone Yatzhee with King of Toyko

Dethrone Yatzhee with King of Toyko

Posted by John on Oct 13th 2018

The premise of King of Tokyo is gloriously simple: You are kaiju monsters.  You have come to stomp Tokyo.  You wanted to have the town to yourself, so now you will beat up on your fellow giants until one of you is crowned king.

On each player's turn, they will roll the six special dice. In true Yatzhee fashion, you get two chances to re-roll, and you can choose to keep some of your dice before you re-roll.  Some of the sides score you victory points, and the first player to end their turn with 20 victory points wins the game.  But that assumes you can survive that long, as the effect of the other dice sides let you clobber your opponents, jostle for control of Tokyo, or give you energy you can use to buy power cards that give you special abilities, or reward you for wrecking different areas of the city. It builds on the familiar "three rolls" game play you've grown up on without getting overly complex, and the cards and action just ooze theme.  What the video below to learn how to play, and pick up your own copy today.