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Dirt Rocket™ SX500, MX500 and MX650



1. Handlebar grip (right/left) 

2. Twist grip throttle 02-1 Sleeve

3. Front brake lever assembly (right)

4. *Handlebar

5. Rear brake lever assembly (left)

6. *Front fork

7. *Front fender

8. Handlebar clamp (upper/lower)

9. Front wheel complete


 10.Caliper brake (2) 

11. Shock absorber

12. Control module

13. Battery (3- 12V/ 12Ah) w/ Fuse

14. Motor

-SX500/MX500 motor (36V/500W)

-MX650 motor (36V/650W)

15. Kickstand

16. Rear wheel complete


17. Chain

18. Chain guard

19. Battery cover (left/right)

-MX500-MX650 V1 battery Cover

20. On/ Off switch

21. Charger port

22. *Seat fairing


*Is not carried in our online store,

please contact us if you have any questions