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Customized Model Trains:

Custom Painted Trains

This is a fabulous gift idea for any train lover! Have a train made for your boss with your company's logo on it. Or to commemorate a special event such as a wedding, anniversary, or newborn. We've even custom painted replica trains for retiring railroad engineers.

This O Scale box car runs around the train layout in our store to advertise our painting service:


This MTH box car was painted for a retiring firefighter who is also a model railroader. His fire company gifted it to him at his retirement dinner:


This Lionel Boxcar was painted for the owner of Brick Recycling as a gift for the avidtrain collector. The logos and coloring were made to match his companyt and even the number on the door is the street number of the business.




This HO Scale diesel engine was painted to be an exact replica of the real one which their deceased father had been an engineer on for many years. His kids commissioned the job for him. We made THREE identical engines so each kid could have one:






Here's the only pic we had to go by to make the customer's dreams come true:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a job you'd like us to take on!