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Custom Models:

Custom Built Models & Slot Cars

Hobbymasters has been building plastic models for people since the day we opened. Cars, planes, ships, buildings, tanks, whatever you want built and however you want it painted. Take a look at just a small sampling of past builds:

1968 Charger Police Slot Car

We built this car to experiment with custom lighting and painting techiques. The chassis is a 1/32 scale Pioneer Slot Car. We then gave it a fresh paint job with ghost police markings. The fun part is the invisible emergency lighting!


See a video of the Charger in action:

This is an exact replica of a Hummvee that saved the life of one of our soldiers. The plaque was made by Hobbymasters as well. 

Saturn V Rocket
This is a classic model of the Saturn V Rocket commissioned by a customer. It stands 43" tall and actually launches & recovers with a parachute.

1968 Road Runner
This model was built to the color and options package that our customer remembered owning "back in the day".


Graf Zeppelin 
This accurate 39 1/2" model was built to hang in a child's room. It even has LED lighting in the wheelhouse! To get a seemless paintjob the model was painted while suspended in air. 


60's TV Batmobile and Black Beauty Slot Cars 
These 1/32 scale Slot Cars were built and intricately detailed by Hobbymasters. And they work!

batmobile4.jpg  bat1.jpg  batmobile2.jpg

blackbeauty2.jpg  blackbeauty1.jpg  blackbeauty3.jpg

HO Model Buildings
These buildings were assembled as part of a larger layout project we constructed for a top secret military contract. They were given just a bit of weathering to meet the specifications of the contract. We'd show you the complete layout but then we'd have to kill you.
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topsecret1thumb.jpg topsecret2thumb.jpg topsecret3thumb.jpg topsecret4thumb.jpg topsecret5thumb.jpg topsecret6thumb.jpg