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Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica release

Posted by Crystal L on Oct 5th 2018

Hello folks!  We're here to announce and show you guy how excited we are to show you the NEW Magic: The gathering set coming out on Friday October 5th. Recently we just hosted at our store a few different events over the recent weekend-Midnight Pre-release, a Saturday sealed draft and a Sunday sealed Two-headed Giant.

Each event had more people attending than we expected but we're prepared. We braved going into the dragon's Lair to pulled out more tables and chairs to be able to accommodate everyone on our second floor.

We had people pull Planeswalkers like Vraska and Rai, and some awesome  multicolored cards like Unmoored Ego, March of the multitudes, and my personal favorite Thousand-year storm (fantastic 6 drop Enchantment card for red/blue players that lets you copy your instant or sorcery spells for each instant or sorcery spell you cast before it) and for those of you that didn't know they brought back the shock lands like Steam Vents, Temple Garden, and Sacred Foundry. 

Don't let me spoil the rest for you, you should stop by our shop and bring in your friends and draft with us on Friday nights at 6:30 pm.

As always you guys are awesome and we THANK YOU by coming in every Friday night to play Magic: The Gathering and other Trading card games (TCG) on our second floor that we host weekly from 4:30pm till the store closes for the night.